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About Time Cane Corso Italiano

About Time's Sueno de Nyx BN, CAX, CGC, TDI
AKC's FIRST Cane Corso to achieve a CAA (Coursing Ability Excellent) title!
(Dämon x Chaos)
Gary & Jaime -Georgia

Laura and Richard,
I just wanted to drop a few lines to thank you and update you on our girl, Nyx, who is now 21 months old.

This is the best dog that we could have hoped for. Her temperament is spot on, perfect, as far as I am concerned. At home, she is a loving member of our family, a shadow to myself and my wife. When we are watching TV, Nyx has always found a way to put that big head of hers in our laps, large brown eyes, and ears back, as to say, I love you dad. When we are in public, PetSmart, Home Depot, walking trails, etc., she sees everyone around her as a potential friend, while being protective of my wife. The other day, we were in PetCo, a local big box pet store, with Nyx, looking at saltwater fish, when a young girl, 2 or 3 years old, came up to Nyx. The two of them were so cute together. This adorable little girl sat on the floor, and Nyx, laid down, and crawled up to her and put her head in her lap, looking up only once, to give this toddler a sweet little kiss. I have absolutely no fear that our dog, with this temperament would ever cause harm to anyone or anything, man or beast, unless she was protecting her family, and even then, she would look for permission, and be easily dissuaded by myself or my wife. Proof of that, is in the pudding, on Feb. 25, 2012, Jaime and I both certified her through Therapy Dog International. This was probably the easiest thing that we have done with her, Training, proper socialization, and her bred-into temperament, made this a breeze. She even enjoyed the evaluation.

I will also say, that she has a drive that just won't quit, she is very eager to train. Every evening when I come home, she will bring me her bait bag,  her tug, leash, or something that she associates with training. She practically begs for it. Once a training session has begun, her intent and focus makes learning fun and easy. I try to keep our sessions short and sweet, but that is so hard, when she begs for more. I believe that a testament to her drive is her Coursing Ability Advance title. Unlike other achievements that you can get with your dogs, the Coursing Ability Test, tests for drive and focus, something we did not train for.

As you know, we are quite new to the "dog-world," though not new to dogs. We are working with her on Conformation, Coursing, Obedience, Nose work, Tracking, and will soon be starting IPO (Schutzhund) training. She has, thus far, achieved; Coursing Ability Advanced (first Cane Corso to achieve a CAA); Basic Novice (BN) in obedience; Therapy Dog International (TDI) certification; Canine Good Citizenship (CGC); and in conformation she has 7 pts, (1 five point major and two singles). We will be dedicating this year to training, but soon after, hopefully more to come. She has been so easy to train, it is fun to do so.

Last night in our conformation class with Nyx, several members of our kennel club attended. At our kennel meeting tonight, I was approached by several members commenting to us things like "she is one of the most gorgeous corsos they have seen," and "she has the best temperament." Our trainer said that she could be an ambassador of the breed, and a great example to prevent any miss-judgments about the breed, and said "I bet she's fun to live with." A representative of Humane Hearts Therapy Program, said we should enter her into this program, that she would be a great candidate. I took an application, and we are going to find time between shows and work to try to volunteer with special needs family's, schools, nursing homes, and churches. With such a great temperament (which represents her breeding), people should know that this is what a true Cane Corso should be like. We wanted to thank you for such a great addition to our family, that we can be so proud of.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with and her being a family member to us. Maybe I am biased, but this is the best dog that I could have possibly chosen to spend our lives with. Thank you, thank you, so much! I would recommend you to anyone worthy of owning this breed. Good luck in your future, and keep bettering the breed.

Thank you,
Gary, Jaime and Nyx Smith

AKC's FIRST Cane Corso to achieve a CAA & CAX (Coursing Ability Excellent) title!

About Time's Nyx, BN, CAX, CGC, TDI, can complete a 600 yard lure coursing track in the 40 second range, versus full size geyhounds who complete the same track in the 50 second range. When competing at a lure couring event, Nyx, a Cane Corso Mastiff, outruns all sighthounds present by a full 10 seconds, with bursts of speed up to 52 miles per hour! This is a perfect example of size versus functionality. These amazing results are a direct reflection of true-to-type breeding producing an athletic and agile Cane Corso that can obtain powerful bursts of speed while athletically making tight turns without slowing down, and would never be possible for an oversized 150+ lb Cane Corso to achieve. CONGRATULATIONS Gary & Jaime on your accomplishments with her and all your hard work!


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