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About Time Cane Corso Italiano

About Time's Demi
(Dämon x Echo)
Donna & Al -B.C. Canada

My first encounter with a Cane Corso was when I bought my Demi from About Time Cane Corso. We picked her up from the airport and it was there that I fell in love. 15 months old and hours on a plane, only to be met by strangers. But the strangers had garlic chicken, a hint from Laura that made Demi’s entry into our lives that much easier. About Time’s Demi has been the introduction for us into the wonderful world of the Cane Corso. They are a breed like no other, and I thank Laura and Richard for giving Demi her start in life, and allowing me the opportunity to share my life with such a wondrous creature. I highly recommend them and would gladly chose a second Corso from their kennel.

Hi Laura, I thought I’d let you know how Demi is doing. She’s doing wonderfully! I can not tell you how much I love this girl. 20 years ago I bought a Bullmastiff puppy. She was my heart dog, I thought I would never find another like her. She was sweet, calm, protective, got along with all other dogs, loved children and was fantastic with all our animals. When Hanna finally died, I told myself I’d never find another like her. I couldn’t get another Bullmastiff, because it wouldn’t be her. So I got a Catahoula. Rill is everything Hanna wasn’t. I love her but it’s not easy sometimes, and she’s trouble. She had hip dysplasia already when I got her as a 8 wk old pup. She had a very crappy start to life. She was suspicious of everyone, even at that young of an age. No good with children, people or other dogs.

But Demi...she’s my second Hanna! She’s my shadow, she follows me to the bathroom and waits outside until I come out. She doesn’t move from her spot. We go for hikes and she is either right behind me or a stones throw away, always with her eye on me. I told her not to chase the chickens, so she doesn’t. I told her not to chase the cats, so she doesn’t anymore (cats were a little harder to convince her, she forgot sometimes :) but she’s 100% now. She gets along with ALL of the dogs, even Rill! It’s too bad that no-one has the guts to play with her, but once we are down on dogs we will be getting another Corso, no doubt about it. I am hooked. The breed just makes my blood race. I love everything about them, from their cropped ears to their docked tails. I really do think it takes something away from them when you don’t ‘mutilate’ them. I love her stubby wagging at me! I love to watch Demi racing around, she has so much power. And agility! And no-one to play with but us humans :(  She chases the basketball outside, attacks it then leaves it for dead as she comes running back to me. She not one for retrieving, or for chasing for that matter. She does love to chase the other dogs, but never touches them anymore. They made it known how they felt about that, all of them, lol. Poor Demi. I’m so envious when people put up their pictures of their Corsi playing. I get this ache inside me...I don’t think Demi wants to share me yet though. She always comes between me and the other dogs, not to mention people. Even when Al and I hug she manages to get in between us. No growling, just to let me know she’s there, lol. I like how when we walk together she bumps my hand once in a while with her muzzle, just for reassurance that I’m there for her, and she’s there for me. She’s great running alongside the quads, doesn’t chase vehicles and doesn’t get in front.

I went into town and we went for walks with my son and his dog. We took her to the farmers market in town. Lots of people, children and dogs. Demi was fabulous. I love walking with her and seeing the looks people give her. You can always tell the dog people. Most of them look at her with longing, wow!. I get that a lot, “Wow, what kind of dog is she”? Only one person asked if she was a pitbull. Someone asked if she was an Olde English Bulldog ????? She has been quite the ambassador for the Corso. Everyone who pet her did ask first. A woman came by and asked me about Demi, saying how beautiful she was she was the best thing that day about the Farmers Market! She was perfectly behaved, except for sniffing people’s produce bags when they walked by, lol. She even made friends with a Whippet. I wonder what she thought when she saw it...a big IG? We stopped at the feed store on the way home and I took Demi down some isles. She had her own fan club before too long. This gorgeous little blond girl was looking at Demi, and her mother asked if she could pet Demi. I put Demi into a sit and the little girl came forward and pet her, then gave her a little hug. Demi was fine about all the attention, I wonder if she misses her little humans?

So, she wasn’t trained to heel? She is so good on the leash...she lunged once at one of the dogs to play, she must have forgotten the leash was on. She came right back to my side. When she’s sniffing around all I have to do say ‘ut’ and she’s by my side in a second. She knows she has to sit before she gets her meal, and wait for me to say okay. She waits before we go outside for me to say okay. She’s so easy to train, I’m finding it hard to believe she didn’t have much. Is the breed generally like this? If so I’m really looking forward to our puppy. I haven’t seen a protective side of her yet. Hopefully that will come in time. We had someone come to the house yesterday and she was fine. I’ve hardly heard her bark. She usually just vocalizes when I’m gone, or so the guys tell me :)

So, everything is good... I want you to know how much I appreciate you trusting Demi to me. She gave me something good to think about when going through a horrible time, and helped distract me. Demi being around helped immensely. She was and is my sanity saver :)
Thanks, Donna

She loves to nibble on my toes, just enough to make it tickle. She has brains, and I can see her thinking. The snow was coming off the roof today (metal roof and icy snow) and made quite the racket. She kept looking at the ceiling, trying to figure out what was happening, and why. I love, love her cropped ears and docked tail. She has exceeded my expectations. When I go downstairs I close the part door because of the gang down there. She doesn’t like that and run up the stairs to the third floor, thinking that maybe she can find me somehow. Everyone was outside today so I brought her down to the basement, lol. The hair was raised along her spine as she stalked about, smelling who slept there, and who ate here. Once she had had her fill she went upstairs and waited for me and hasn’t come down again, lol. When she moves, she reminds me of a cat, so fluid. Until that is it’s time to jump in the vehicle. She’s not too sure about that. I usually have to go around to the other door and call her in, then she comes in willingly. She’s excellent in the car. We had to go to town and I had to leave Demi in the car while we were in there. She was still lying down and calm once the visit was over. I kissed her again and again. The top of her head is like microfiber, I can’t get enough of her. I think this is growing into an addiction. She was pleased when Al and Blair came home today, that made me so happy. They still have to earn her full trust but she’s taking it in her own stride, which is fine with both of them. I wrote all this, but all I really had to say is that I’m in love :) I will always be so thankful that I went Italian over Russian :)
Okay, enough of this love talk...here’s the picture in the snow. It reminded me of Chaos too.

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