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About Time Cane Corso Italiano

Byonic's Chingalana, CGC

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Chinga is highly intelligent. A very fast learner, she is easy to train as she is eager to please. Her mere presence demands attention, her compact powerful body turns heads, and her personality captures hearts wherever we go. Chinga has a very calm sound temperament. She is playful with other dogs, protective with children, and always aware of her family. Constantly alert and aware of her "family" in our surroundings, she remains aloof with strangers and evaluates situations before acting. Chinga is the type of dog that makes a lasting impression on everyone she meets.
We spent almost two years researching the Cane Corso breed, studying bloodlines, and looking at more dogs than I can count. We looked at a lot, compared a few, considered a couple ... and finally narrowed our selection down to Chinga to begin our Corso program here at About Time Cane Corso. That was a decision we have never once regretted. Chinga has proven herself many times over to be the ideal in what we desired in a Cane Corso, and what we strive to produce in our program. Her line lives on in our breeding program through Chaos, Asar, Anarchy, Mayhem, Cherry Bomb, and Red Tape.

~ Bioynic's Chingalana, 9/14/2001 - 7/25/2013

It is with great sadness that we buried our Chinga this weekend. She was our first Cane Corso, the foundation of About Time Cane Corso, the residing matriarch of our family, guardian and pillow to our children and small dogs, "grandma dog" watching over every litter of puppies, and a much missed central part of our home and lives every day. Less than two months shy of 13 years old, Chinga lived a ...long, full, and much loved life with us ... but it makes her passing no less easier to bear, or her empty bed no less heartbreaking to pass. Our first introduction to the Cane Corso breed, Chinga exuded class, style and standard, and exceeded our every expectation in both temperament and type. This is the dog that singlehandedly won me over for life and had me wrapped around her nub of a tail from the moment we first met. The privilege of having our lives enhanced by the presence of such a splendid Cane Corso established our love of the breed and our passion toward our future with them. We are honored to have shared our lives with her for the past 11 years.

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