About Time Cane Corso Italiano

About Time Cane Corso Italiano

About Time is an established Cane Corso breeder, currently producing our fifth generation of healthy stable Cane Corso Italiano mastiffs. About Time Cane Corsos have remarkable versatility, and temperaments second to none! They are winning in Conformation show rings, competing in Obedience, exceling at Agility & Coursing, assisting as Service Dogs, training for Search & Rescue, earning multiple titles in Protection & Working Sports, and providing peace of mind as exceptional Family Companions dedicated to protecting loved ones.

We specialize in breeding a Cane Corso that is highly trainable, easily motivated, naturally protective, and remarkably versatile; a stable, balanced, family friendly, all-around dog who can do it all. The Cane Corso is not a breed for everyone; however, if you are searching for an exceptional canine we may have the right puppy for you. Select from our Heritage, Working, Service, and Companion puppies for an extraordinary dog who will exceed your expectations while doubling as an incredible and reliable partner devoted to protecting and providing security for your family.


About Time Cane Corso: About Us

About Time Cane Corso was established in 2004, after two years of research, with the acquisition of an exceptionally stunning black female named Chingalana. ‘Chinga’ exuded class, style and standard, and exceeded our every expectation in both temperament and type. The privilege of having our lives enhanced by the presence of such a splendid Cane Corso established our love of the breed and our passion toward our future with them.

Our first retained pup, Chinga’s daughter Chaos, served to confirm our suspicions that we had stumbled across an exceptional breed, and solidify our committement and dedication to the future of the Cane Corso Italiano in the United States.

Faced with inconsistent type and unacceptable temperament issues in the breed within the US, we expanded our horizons by incorporating bloodlines from select Italian and European Cane Corso breeders. With the addition of several exceptional imports carefully selected from the world’s top producing and winning Cane Corso kennels, we built the foundation to establish a quality breeding program. We have imported original Cane Corso bloodlines to the United States of America to share the foundation they have for the Cane Corso breed here in the US. This blending of select bloodlines of Italian heritage, the best Europe has to offer, allows our breeding program to be built on the foundation of highly recognized and respected European breeders in our effort to produce as close as possible to ‘the ideal’ Cane Corso within the US.

Over the years, our dedication is reflected in our consistency producing exceptional examples of the ideal Cane Corso, consistent in character, stable in temperament, and true to type with the original breed standard and country of origin.


About Time Cane Corso: Our Breeding Philosophy

Our philosophy is that a correctly bred Corso, raised and socialized responsibly, will lay at your feet, play with your children, protect your family, show in conformation or working events, and will confidently perform in whichever areas you chose. We are proud of the accomplished About Time dogs that are already Champions, and that are turning heads in show rings and working events across the states. At the same time we are no less proud of the About Time Cane Corsos that are stable loving companions in wonderful family homes as well.

Do a bit of research on the Cane Corso breed today, and you will find heated opinions and various types of dogs that differ so widely they seem to have nothing in common but the name. As to our breeding of an “About Time” Cane Corso, I will quote a well respected Arabian breeder who said, “If you are not clear as to what you want, it is much more difficult to produce the horse you will like.”

In the midst of the relatively recent establishment of this breed in the U.S. from Italy, we remember that the Cane Corso does not necessarily need massive improvement or change. We are careful of the ways we let fuzzy thinking and widely varying opinion about type, temperament, size, performance, changing standards of the show ring, hype of various kinds, or others’ opinions, change our own personal standards, and the original dogs.

As we personally have researched and narrowed our selections to our breeding decisions, we find ourselves refining what we want to produce in the type of our own preference. Certainly, every corso breeder has their preferred ideal dog, as we have ours. The characteristics we breed toward are founded on the original Italian breed standard (FCI 343) of type. We breed to produce a very muscular dog with massive bone, a broad and deep chest, a wide square head, well angulated hindquarters, and an overall balanced and athletic build. Our ideal is a fit, athletic, and agile dog: powerful yet graceful, well muscled and solid, but not heavy and over-wrinkled. We breed for a stable well-rounded temperament; a dog with the nature to protect if needed, the drive to compete and work, but the stability to be trusted as a child’s companion at the end of the day. Our ideal size range is with the Italian standard, from 85 to 125 lbs. Some will find this smaller than the “average” corso found in the US in comparison, since some American lines have been bred to a much larger size, even exceeding 150 lbs. This true-to-standard size, however, results in a dog that is athletic and agile, functional as the breed should be – versus an oversized dog that is winded after a couple laps around a show ring and experiences hip and health issues compounded by their weight.


About Time Cane Corso: Our Dogs

We have a select small group of Cane Corsos here at About Time, carefully chosen with key points in mind. Versatility, temperament, drive, stability, health, conformation to the Italian (FCI 343) Breed Standard, and that underlying “presence” that makes the Cane Corso breed so unique.

About Time Cane Corso puppies share consistent traits. They are energetic, observant, playful puppies, who mature into alert adults with that Pure Corso Personality: both strong and sensitive, protective yet gentle, intelligent, mischievous (and smart enough to often get away with it), loyal, faithful, and completely, totally, undeniably, devoted to their family.

About Time Cane Corso dogs are selectively bred from exceptional heritage, imported directly from the treasured European bloodlines of Italy, Spain, Holland, Hungary, and Germany. We have chosen to work with some of the world’s top European breeders who have painstakingly protected and preserved and the breed’s genetic purity and functionality. The result is the continuance of an extraordinary breed founded on functionality: the exceptionally keen, agile, and intelligent Cane Corso Italiano – free from the type and temperament faults found in many of the over-bred generic corso commonly found in the United States.

At About Time Cane Corso we breed to better our bloodline and further our own breeding program. Every litter we breed is carefully planned with the goal of producing outstanding Cane Corso Puppies of exceptional quality. We know how much hard work goes into creating a beautiful intelligent and healthy Cane Corso puppy, and we want each of the families we chose for their new homes to know and appreciate the dedication that went into creating their new companion.


About Time Cane Corso: Our Website

Our About Time Cane Corso News & Updates Blog is full of fun and interesting info, updates, and photos. However, there is a whole lot more content on our 100+ page website at www.AboutTimeCaneCorso.com – check it out!

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